Aravind Aaron

Corporate Communications

Arvind Aaron is a Chess Player and widely travelled chess journalist having contributed to various periodicals and newspapers particularly The Hindu from 1988 until 2011. He had interviewed the big guns of world chess and covered many Olympiads, World Championships as well as big ticket events at Wijk aan Zee, Linares, Dortmund etc. He was the Press Officer of the AICF from 2005-2017 and the Asian Chess Federation from 2014-2016 and was the Press Chief in the Anand v Carlsen, World Title match in 2013 at Chennai. He won the National Sub-Junior in 1978 and was No.2 in the National Junior in 1982. He has wins over great players of his time including Viswanathan Anand twice. A trusted voice for balanced judgments, he was Internet Chess Club's Chess FM Host. Today, he runs Chess Mate monthly magazine together with his father, the legendary first International Master, Manuel Aaron.